One Off the Slack: Is It Safe to Nest Coroutines?

Florian Walther asked:

Is it okay to launch another coroutine inside LaunchedEffect by wrapping it inside a launch block? Otherwise the showSnackbar method blocks the coroutine because it’s a suspend fun

LaunchedEffect(Unit) { { event ->
        when (event) {
            is RewardListViewModel.Event.ShowUndoRewardSnackbar -> {
                launch {
                    val snackbarResult = scaffoldState.snackbarHostState.showSnackbar(
                        message = context.getString(R.string.reward_deleted),
                        actionLabel = context.getString(R.string.undo),
                    if (snackbarResult == SnackbarResult.ActionPerformed) {
            is RewardListViewModel.Event.NavigateToEditRewardScreen -> {

Dominic Fisher was succinct: “yes it is”.

Albert Chang suggested using collectLatest() instead of collect(), to which Florian responded:

collectLatest makes sense actually

guess it depends if you want to cancel the previous snackbar when you show another one or not

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