With Jetpack Compose being constantly revised and extended, you may run into questions that cannot be answered in places like this site’s FAQ. So, here are places where you can ask your questions and, with luck, get answers!

Kotlin Slack

Right now, the #1 best resource for Jetpack Compose questions is the #compose channel in the Kotlin Slack workspace.

This Slack workspace was set up by JetBrains and represents an official support resource for Kotlin overall. In addition to many channels about Kotlin itself and major Kotlin libraries, the Kotlin Slack workspace has #compose. Google engineers are sometimes available to answer questions, and many in the community are starting to contribute there as well.

As with all Slack workspaces, this one is invite-only. Visit JetBrains’ signup form to request an invitation.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has long been a home for Android app development questions, with over 1.2 million questions since the site’s inception.

There is a android-jetpack-compose tag there that you can use for your Jetpack Compose questions. In addition to reviewing questions posted by others, you can sign up to ask questions, if you do not already have a Stack Overflow account.